Why choose our dental clinic to receive your dental implants in Herefordshire?

Our dental clinic in Ross-On-Wye provides our new and pre-registered patients with a high quality of general and cosmetic dentistry. Our clinic strives to offer a high standard of care whilst offering a friendly and comforting approach within a modern and clean dental environment.

Meet our dental team


We believe that your dentists can make a huge impact on your dental experience, especially for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or even a dental phobia. Our highly skilled and professional team have all adhered to the strict dental guidelines from the General Dental Council. Aside from sticking to strict guidelines, our team also keeps up to date with the latest dental advancements, whilst exceeding every single one of our patients’ expectations.

Not just your average clinic

Our dental clinic not only boasts qualified dentists, we also have dental hygienists, dental nurses, and our welcoming dental receptionists.

Am I eligible for dental implants in Herefordshire?

Dental implants are a popular form of restorative dentistry, and act as a long-term solution for patients who are suffering from missing teeth. Patients who may be eligible for implants may have lost teeth due to oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease) as well as incidents, such as falling off a bike.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Many patients may overlook dental implants in Herefordshire as they may be unaware of the damage caused by missing teeth within the mouth. Aside from the obvious discomfort caused by gaps in the mouth, such as difficulty eating and drinking, missing teeth can lead to speech impairment, and health concerns. Spaces where there are absent teeth can be breeding grounds for oral bacteria, which can lead to dental diseases.

The reversal of years of orthodontic work

Missing teeth can not only lead to a decline in a patient’s self-confidence, however it can also cause the reversal of years of orthodontic work. Gaps within the mouth can cause surrounding teeth to move into them, as well as sloping of the face (due to a lack of a sturdy base, which can be enforced by a dental implant).

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants consist of three aspects, the dental implant itself (a tiny titanium screw), the abutment (also referred to as the connector) and the porcelain crown. The implant could be argued as the most important, due to its stabilising qualities.

The dental implant treatment process

After our dental health care professionals have determined that dental implants are right for you during an initial consultation, we can begin treatment. The first step to achieving your tooth replacement is fusing the implant, the replica tooth root, to the gums. Once the titanium screws have been adhered to the jaw, a temporary crown can be attached, ensuring your aesthetic appearance is never compromised.

The final step

After the implant has correctly healed within the gums (which can take around six months) the long term crown can be attached. The porcelain crown is personalised for each individual patient and their surrounding natural teeth; the shape and shade is matched to ensure a natural appearance is achieved.