Crooked Teeth

Are Straight Teeth a Sign of Good Health?

Straight, pearly white teeth are a sign of good health; this may seem like a bold declaration to make, but there is a basis for it.

Crooked Teeth and Disease

stright teethCrooked teeth may be a sign of a bigger health problem, as it creates oral environments wherein diseases can spring from. Crooked teeth create pockets of space between each tooth, exposing them to infection and periodontitis. These spaces allow cavities from eating too many sweets and processed food to deposit in them, deteriorating teeth slowly, causing tooth decay.

Once a patient has tooth decay, it may deteriorate and lead to eventual bone loss. The teeth, gums and jaw bones all work together to keep a patient’s mouth healthy. They also help each other maintain bone strength and continuous growth. A missing tooth gradually leads to receding gums and a weak jawbone, as the bones no longer provide each other good stress.

Crooked teeth are not only an appearance problem, but it may veil health problems that may lead to a lower quality of life or death.

Why Straight Teeth Matters

Straight teeth are a sign of good health because it shows how well you take care of yourself. The teeth are one of the visual representations of what is happening inside your body, because what you eat affects its appearance.

Properly aligned teeth are also easier to clean, limiting the places where cavity and bacteria can grow and do their damage.

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Crooked Teeth and Misaligned Smiles: Genetics Are Not Always At Fault

There is a reoccurring stereotype that the British have crooked teeth, and many erroneously claim that it is due to simple genetics. Although the way your teeth is shaped and aligned is without a doubt hereditary, genetics are not always the reason for crooked teeth and misaligned smiles.

crooked teethDifferent factors contribute to the alignment of teeth, from your mouth being too crowded to simple oral hygiene. If you are planning to correct your crooked teeth, then it is important to find out the reason they are not aligned properly in the first place.

Crowded Mouths

Wisdom teeth are a relic from an earlier time when our ancestors had to chew on tougher foodstuffs. The discovery of fire and cooking practices made life easier for us, and our teeth; consequently, our third molars became increasingly useless.

When your third molars start erupting, they can interfere with the rest of your teeth’s alignment. They are technically vestigial teeth and as they push their way out of the gums, it causes your mouth to get crowded. Mesial impaction, the most common way for the third molars to erupt, tends to push the neighbouring teeth and causes a domino effect on the rest.

If your mouth is becoming crowded due to your wisdom teeth erupting, you need to have them removed. By doing this, they will not cause further complications and problems in the future.

Bad Oral Hygiene

When plaque becomes tartar, the bacteria along with debris tend to infiltrate the small spaces between your teeth. This makes your teeth and gums more prone to infection, and one of the side effects is causing your teeth to become loose.

At Warrendale Dental Care in Ross-On-Wye, we know that genetics are not the only thing that may cause your teeth to become crooked and your smiles to misalign. Visit our website for more information about our preventative dentistry, Dental Implants and tooth straightening treatments.