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Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist. They have consistently used a Preventative approach to dental care and, with their unique and wide-ranging support services, have been looking after dentists and their patients for over 27 years. Denplan supports over 1200 patients at Warrendale by allowing them to budget for their private dental care and by encouraging a Preventative approach to oral healthcare. As the only consumer-facing brand in the payment plan market, theirs' is one of the most recognised names in dental healthcare among UK consumers.

Denplan patients are given the best possible service (from their UK-based call centre) from the moment they join. To find out more about Denplan go to or speak to any member of the practice team.

At Warrendale, we offer Denplan Care (from £20.38) and Denplan Essentials (from £14.66 per month).

About the products

Denplan Care

Routine and restorative dental care includes:

Denplan Care does not cover:

Please remember – your routine dental treatment is at the discretion of your dentist and your contract is with your dentist, not Denplan.

Denplan Essentials

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Routine dental care includes:

Denplan Essentials does not cover:

Please remember that your routine treatment is at the discretion of the dentist and the contract is with your dentist, not Denplan.

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