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Private fees

Initial Assessment
(To include intra-oral radiographs if necessary)
Routine Examination £82.50
Hygienist Visit
(30-minute appointment)
(Price per 15-minute appointment)
From £83.00
Root Canal Therapy
(Tooth dependant)
From £372.00
Crowns and Veneers From £560.00
Bridge From £420.00
Extractions From £169.00


Consultation (45 minutes)
(Including scan, models and CBCT scan)
(If patient not suitable for implant treatment)

Dental Implants From £1,200.00
Implant Crown From £1,190.00
Fully restored implant and crown From £2390.00
Bone Augmentation
(If required)
From £225.00


Dentures (One tooth)
(Full set acrylic)
From 336.00


Home Whitening £349.00
Home use top-up kit/maintenance £55.00


Invisalign initial consultation £95.00 - Non clinical 30 mins
Clincheck (full assessment) £350.00
Invisalign Treatment From £2,000.00 - £4500.00
Invisalign Retainers (set of 3) (If no impressions/scan)
(If impression/scan)
(For a cemented wire retainer)

PPE Charge

PPE Charge
(For high risk or longer treatments)
Warrendale Dental Care