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Warrendale Dental Care
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Why Choose Us?

Warrendale Dental Care located in Ross-on-Wye provide the highest quality general and cosmetic dentistry.

General Dentistry includes:

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of your maintenance programme for a healthy mouth we routinely screen for oral cancer, which is more easily treated if detected early. If you are worried or would like to know more about Oral or Mouth Cancer including its prevalence please click here.

Hygiene Care

Our hygienist, Toni and oral health educator, Lyn will help you to develop the necessary skills to maintain a healthy and confident smile. This is best achieved through a team approach – we can only do our best if you do yours!

Restorative Treatment

We offer the latest equipment and a range of the highest quality materials to produce lasting and aesthetically pleasing results. White (tooth coloured) filling materials are the preferred but traditional materials are still used where they are more appropriate.

Root Canal Therapy

This treatment is necessary to save a badly broken down, painful or abscessed tooth. By using the latest endodontic techniques along with magnification of the tiny canals we can ensure a comfortable procedure and a high quality result.


Our primary aim is to prevent tooth loss and maintain oral health. We would normally view extractions as a last resort but occasionally teeth need to be extracted to maintain or improve oral and general health.


A wide range of crowns are available ranging from Gold alloy to porcelain to natural looking new ceramics such as Procera and Zirconia.

Removable Dentures

These should be comfortable, natural looking and long lasting. We use a wide range of teeth in varying qualities to give you the best affordable result.


A bridge in similar materials to crowns will replace missing teeth providing you have sufficiently healthy adjacent teeth to secure it and share the load.

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