Tired of your wobbly false teeth?

We’re not surprised. Dentures can start off fitting really well, but the trouble is that, as time goes by, they become looser and looser. This is because the gums and jawbone underneath them are shrinking away.

Dentures are designed to adhere to the gums for suction and so when this is compromised by a shrinking jawbone and receding gums, they start to slide around on your gums, maybe even lift up when you yawn. All sorts of embarrassing things can start to happen, and often just when you need your teeth to behave. They can even leave your mouth completely if you laugh or cough suddenly.

Dental Implants in HerefordshireYou can put all this behind you, however, by using dental implants in Herefordshire to pin your dentures to your gums. This is not the same as having dental implants to replace your teeth, but a compromise between full-on implants and dentures. In a sense, you get the best of both worlds.

At Warrendale Dental, we have seen what a huge difference denture stabilisation with dental implants in Herefordshire can make to people’s lives.

Better chewing power

As well as never having to suffer the embarrassment of wobbly teeth again, denture stabilisation also ups your chewing power from about 25% of natural teeth to about 60%. This means you have a much wider choice of foods. You will no longer have to exist on a soft food diet alone and can start to include some of those chewier foods again. You might find yourself eating more salad and raw veg, which will up your nutrient intake and with better nutrition, your whole body will become healthier.

How to find out more

Now that you know about denture stabilisation, the next step is to book a consultation for dental implants in Herefordshire with our implant dentist, Dr Christopher Brown. He will take a look at your jawbone and work out if it can sustain dental implants or whether there needs to be some preparatory work first. Typically, you will need 2-4 implants per jaw to secure your dentures, which will also have to be customised to attach to the implants.

Come in and see what the future holds for you. Book a consultation today.