Rebuilding the look of your natural teeth with dental implants Herefordshire

Nothing can affect the natural look of your smile more than the sudden loss of a tooth, as the impact of such a loss can leave a lasting impression that is often hard to hide from others or even our own eyes when we look in the mirror. You may think the loss of a tooth is something that will never happen to you; after all, this is what we would all like to believe. However, accidents happen, and accidents are one of the single biggest causes of tooth

If you have suffered tooth loss, you may find yourself wishing you could find a way to replace the lost tooth as you may want to return to a time when your mouth felt more natural to you. This may lead you to investigate devices such as bridges or, in cases of extreme tooth loss, dentures. While these types of devices go some way in addressing the issue of tooth loss, they still don’t address the loss fully.

Dental Implants Herefordshire can offer you a permanent, fixed-in-place solution to your tooth loss that feels completely natural and is hard-wearing enough to last you a lifetime. This solution to tooth loss can provide you with new teeth that feel as if they were always meant to be in position.

Gaining all the benefits of replacing lost teeth

There are many benefits to replacing lost teeth with dental implants Herefordshire, some of which are of a more hidden nature. The first benefit to you is that you can get back the natural look and feel of your teeth; this could be especially important to you if you have lost teeth at the front of the mouth, which are the most visible.

Having implants inserted can also help to encourage the growth of new bone within the jawbone, which will help to re-strengthen the foundations for all the teeth near the site of the lost tooth. These implants can also help to provide extra support to any remaining natural teeth; it is not uncommon for any remaining teeth within the area of a loss to start to feel loose.

Food liberation

Many people who suffer from tooth loss often find they start to change their eating habits; this is because they find certain foods, such as steak, difficult to consume after the loss and may have to resort to using their jawbone and gums to chew food. This may then lead to people avoiding some food or dining out with loved ones.

If you have lost a tooth, dental implants Herefordshire can combat any concerns that you may have regarding what food you can or cannot eat, giving you back a sense of freedom when it comes to choosing from the menu. This means you can once more enjoy a night at a restaurant without worrying about what you can order beyond deciding what food you would like to enjoy that evening.

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