Building back your teeth with dental implants

Losing a tooth or some teeth is something no one wants to go through as it can be a traumatic experience that leaves an impact far beyond the time of its occurrence. The gum that is exposed due to the loss of a tooth may start to feel sensitive as many people who lose teeth try to continue using their mouths in a way that is normal to them. This means they attempt to use the gum and jawbone to carry out the tasks of the

If you have suffered the loss of a tooth, you may decide to investigate ways you can try to replace the loss, normally via the use of a bridge or denture, but these devices do come with their own set of unique challenges. What you are really looking for is a solution to your tooth loss that is permanent, fixed in place, and can meet the challenges of daily use.

We believe that dental implants Herefordshire can offer you a long-lasting solution to any tooth loss you may have suffered that will feel natural, just like your own teeth. This can be seen as the permanent alternative to bridges and dentures.

A one-time treatment

Dental implants Herefordshire can be placed into the jawbone of the patient during a clinical procedure that will take place at our dental practice. If you decide that this is your route to resolving your tooth loss issues, then a titanium screw will be inserted into your jawbone. The purpose of this screw is to form a strong base for your new tooth or teeth to be attached to.

Your new tooth will be created by attaching a ceramic crown to the head of the screw, which will be shaped and coloured to blend in with any remaining teeth you may have around the implant. Once in place, we believe you will be surprised at just how realistic your implant will look; over time, you may even become confused as to which tooth is the implant.

Life with your new tooth or teeth

You may have had to make some small changes to the way you use your mouth, following the loss of a tooth; this normally manifests in the form of changes in eating habits. Many people who lose a tooth may avoid eating tougher foods, such as steak, and opt for foods such as rice, as the tougher may pose unwanted challenges that could cause embarrassment to some people.

By repairing the loss with dental implants Herefordshire, any concerns about foodstuffs can be removed from your mind, giving you back the ability to enjoy the foods you want, in the ways you want, and at the times you want. This means the nights out with friends and family that include food can be fully enjoyable again as you will not have to worry about difficult foods being on the menu.

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