How we fit dental implants Herefordshire at Warrendale Dental

We are very proud of the dental implants Herefordshire we’ve performed at our clinic. Let’s run through how we carry out the treatment


The early stages of the treatment cycle is the assessment, to ensure that the treatment is right for you, that it would be effective for you and that you do not have any pre-existing conditions that may make it unlikely to be successful or hazardous. Unfortunately, for some patients who are curious about oral implants this is where it ends. We would not perform oral implants on somebody who may be enamored with the idea of replacing lost teeth but for whom it would be medically irresponsible as your well-being comes first.

That said, we do endeavour to make sure our patients have access to the treatment they wish if at all possible. And even if you have been rejected from other providers, it is worth asking us if we can accommodate you if there are options to place the implants at angles into high bone density areas. These advanced procedures are not offered by all clinics.

We may ask for a delay in proceeding with any sort of oral prosthetic if there is active decay or some other dental complexity that needs to be resolved first.

We carry out dental implants Herefordshire over two sessions. Between those two sessions, there is a recovery period where the titanium lower part of the overall oral prosthetic can establish itself within the jawbone.

A 2 step process

During the first session we open the gum and place the titanium segment of the implant into either a vacant socket or the jaw bone, by drilling an orifice for the tip of the implant. Once this titanium artificial root is in place, the gum is closed over it and stitched together. It can take 4 to 12 months for this artificial route to become permanently fixed in place. The time period depends on your rate of bone growth; this varies significantly from patient to patient with general health, age and lifestyle factors impacting the most.

After this ossification period the implant can be loaded. This is when the gum is reopened and the second section of the implant, which is the oral prosthetic (the bit that you will see every day), will be attached to the end of its artificial root.

The oral prosthetics themselves are fabricated in much the same way as a crown with similar enamel matching and even realistic weathering applied to the teeth in order for it to seamlessly match the rest of your teeth. The aim is to achieve a cosmetically realistic and healthy looking final result.

Sedation options

We offer twilight sedation via IV when performing dental implants Herefordshire for anyone who finds the surgical elements of the procedure uncomfortable. Twilight sedation allows you to remain partially conscious during the procedure responsive to questions and and suggestions but you will be unaware of anything but a present calmness. If you do receive IV sedation, you will require an escort to leave the clinic as it would be extremely dangerous to be unaccompanied while under the influence of IV sedation. You should also avoid making any large financial decisions or operating machinery for 24 hours post-receiving IV sedation.