Herefordshire dental implants; the pinnacle of restorative dentistry

Dentists are all too often associated with removing teeth either all at once or one extraction at a time. But with dental implants Herefordshire you could leave the clinic with more teeth than you arrived with!dental-implants-herefordshire

Having missing teeth is unpleasant and whether it was due to a severe infection, receding gums or violent trauma, there are options to recover what may have seemed to be permanently lost. Dental implants Herefordshire are the most effective method of replacing teeth; they use a titanium insert which integrates with the jawbone and lies beneath the gum. It operates like an artificial root, giving a strong foundation for whichever prosthetic tooth is attached above it. Linking directly to the jawbone makes them as stable and rigid as any of the natural teeth in your mouth; they are also permanently fixed in place and have the same daily maintenance and care routines as a normal tooth. They really are the closest thing to having your natural tooth back. There is also the option to use a set of oral implants to immobilize a denture, allowing a denture user to have their prosthetic fixed permanently into their mouth without the friction related gum rubbing that can make denture use so tedious.

The process of getting implants

After a consultation and ensuring that the treatment is likely to be effective and helpful to you (with the use of that of X-rays) the implantation can begin. Treatment is divided into two sections with the recovery period in between. During the first appointment, the titanium section of the implant is placed into the gum in contact with the jawbone either using a recently vacated socket or a hole that our dentist will drill in the jaw bone. The titanium pin is placed and over a period of 4 months to a year this titanium insert will become integrated with the jawbone the process is called osseointegration; this involves the laying down of new bone around the titanium peg in the socket. It works in a very similar way as the titanium pins used in bone surgery after bad breaks or fractures.

When the new bone has been laid down and the titanium peg fixed in place, a prosthetic can be installed above it. Depending on what type of tooth is being replaced, that prosthetic could vary greatly from being a set of molars to a sharp-edged incisor. Either way, they are fabricated in much the same way as a crown matching your natural tooth colour and shade in order to seamlessly blend to your smile. Some of our patients find it difficult remembering which of their teeth is the implant when they come in for check ups.

Getting treatment

If you have been searching for dental implants Herefordshire for some time and have been rejected by other clinics, please feel free to get in contact. There are several advanced implanting techniques that we have in the clinic that may be suitable for you.

If you have further questions about oral implants or would like to see if they are appropriate for you or a family member, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic. You can do this via the phone, through the online forms on our website or email.