Are dental implants in Herefordshire your first choice too?

Do you even know what dental implants in Herefordshire are? If you have yet to lose any teeth, you may never have heard of them, but they are worth knowing about.

Dental implants in Herefordshire from Warrendale Dental Care are the most recent generation of tooth replacement options. They are different from dentures and fixed bridges because they are the only method that replaces the root of the tooth and the crown.

Dental Implants in HerefordshireHere at Warrendale Dental Care, we find that nearly all our patients needing new teeth want dental implants before the other 2 options and there are good reasons for their choice. Let’s take a look at what’s driving it:


The primary reason is that dental implants offer superior stability without having to compromise any of the natural teeth in your mouth. The replacement roots are made out of titanium, which is a highly biocompatible material. When it goes into the jawbone, the bone responds by growing new bone tissues all over it. After this process is complete, the implant will be held in place as firmly as a real tooth.


Titanium is also strong, lightweight and does not corrode, so once it is in place, it can last for at least 15 years. In fact, if the implants are well taken care of, it’s not uncommon for them to last for decades and they could last for the rest of your life.


Dental implants are pretty easy to take care of too. They can’t decay so all you have to do is concentrate on removing plaque. This is important as it is possible for gum disease to loosen the implants and they may fall out.

But if you follow a thorough twice-daily brushing and flossing regime, and make regular trips to the hygienist to have plaque removed, you should be fine.


If you are looking at decades with dental implants in Herefordshire, you will find that they can work out as similar in cost to dentures or fixed bridgework because of their durability.

If you lose a tooth, book a consultation to get dental implants. If you just want to find out more, we’re happy to chat at your next check-up.