Are dental implants in Herefordshire the best choice?


Dental implants in Herefordshire are often a great option for those who have a missing tooth or teeth. Here at Warrendale Dental, we have a range of choices for all patients who wish to improve their smile. Dental implants offer a great base for positioning an artificial tooth that is stable and long lasting. However, they are not necessarily the best choice for every patient.

What is most important for dental implant suitability?

Implants are replacements for the roots of teeth and are implanted into the jawbone. Because of this, the jawbone should be healthy and strong. However, if it has become soft or there is not enough of it to support implants, it may be possible to undergo bone grafting as preparation. We advise our patients on their suitability for this, and explain all the details of what bone grafting entails before the choice is made.

Gums in good health

With dental implants in Herefordshire, the gums support the implant, just as they do with the natural root of the tooth. Therefore, having healthy gums before getting this treatment offers a significant advantage to the patient. However, if there is gum disease present, then the patient is not necessarily unable to get implants. There are two possible options.

Firstly, if the gum disease is in the early stages, then we can treat it before going to work on replacing the tooth or teeth. Secondly, gum disease that is severe is caused by the teeth themselves, so it may be an option to remove all the teeth thus solving the problem. At this point, the patient can expect a whole new set of teeth that are supported by implants.

Good dental hygiene

Much like natural teeth and their roots, dental implants require the patient to look after their teeth and gums. This is especially important in the post treatment period, as this is when infection is most likely to occur. The patient should feel able to make a commitment to taking extra special care of their oral health after having implants fitted. Doing so will promote healthy healing and allow the implants to form a solid foundation for the new teeth.

People for whom dental implants may be the wrong choice

We don’t recommend this kind of treatment for our young patients who are still growing. This is because the growth of the jawbone can cause problems with implants, and they may not last as long as they should.

Women who are pregnant are advised to wait until after their baby is born to get this kind of treatment. This is because there are some x-rays needed and these are best avoided during pregnancy if possible.

Those who are heavy smokers and consumers of alcohol should consider whether or not dental implants are the right choice. This is because smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol can inhibit the healing process and make the patient more vulnerable to infections in the post treatment period.

The ideal option for many

Although there are some exclusions, most people who have missing teeth are good candidates for implants. They are very popular because, unlike traditional dentures, they allow artificial teeth to look and feel just like natural ones with a stable base that can last for many years.