Why get dental implants in Herefordshire?


Dental implants in Herefordshire have grown in popularity over the years, with many of our patients opting for this treatment as an excellent means of improving their smile. Here at Warrendale Dental, we offer advice and guidance to every patient on a whole host of options for ensuring that their teeth are in the best possible condition.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Herefordshire are a means of replacing the root of the tooth when it has fallen out or become damaged. They are composed of titanium, a material that is highly compatible with human tissues and which becomes an integral part of the jawbone over time: just like the natural tooth root.

Implants are used as a base onto which artificial teeth are fixed and provide an alternative to dentures. Dentures differ in that they are held in place by means of suction between the gums and the artificial teeth, rather than the solid foundation that is offered by implants.

Engage with others with ease

People who wear dentures can find that when they are chatting, smiling or laughing, they feel a little nervous about the potential of their teeth moving out of place. This can have a negative affect on their confidence, sometimes to the extent that they start to avoid socialising.

Having artificial teeth fitted with implants means that there are no worries about the teeth becoming dislodged in any way. This means that the patient can concentrate on feeling secure in their smile and is able to get on with socialising and enjoying themselves without having to feel self-conscious.

Eat as normal

Wearing dentures often means having to avoid eating foods which are very hard or that require a lot of chewing. People who have their missing teeth replaced with the help of dental implants can enjoy any foods they like, because they can rely on the stability of their new teeth: and treat them as they would natural teeth.

Less trips to the dentist

Because dentures are placed on top of the gums, without a root to anchor them, the gums and jawbone can shrink over time. This means that the first set will no longer fit after a few months and will have to be replaced with new ones that accommodate the changing structure of the mouth.

Implants help to maintain healthier gums that retain their size, with the result that they last many years. The patient must take good care of their oral health, but provided they do that, it’s possible for the implants to last as long as the natural teeth.

More natural looking

Artificial teeth that have been secured by implants are much more natural looking than dentures. In fact, many people are unable to tell that a person has anything other than a full set of their original teeth when they have had dental implants fitted. The result of this is often that the patient feels confident about their smile and is able to retain their youthful vigour and lust for life for many years.