What should I expect when I have my dental implants in Herefordshire fitted?

So you’ve taken the plunge and booked in for your dental implants in Herefordshire – we’re so excited for you! The journey to long-lasting tooth replacement is a really life changing one. That’s not to say many won’t also feel daunted at the prospect, so we’ve put together a little guide on what to expect post procedure. dental-implants-herefordshire

Will I be in a lot of pain?

Now of course we can’t ever give a clear yes or no answer to this, but what we have found is that many of our patients are surprised at how straightforward dental implants in Herefordshire replacements are, and that actually they often experience little discomfort afterwards. Technology as we well know is a wonderful thing and because of this, paired with thorough preparation beforehand, means that the placement of implants is now a relatively minor procedure.

Post-procedure it’s very important that you take a committed, hands on approach to maintaining excellent oral hygiene daily to give your new implants and your natural teeth the best chance of surviving. You should be brushing a minimum of twice a day. We recommend using interdental sticks to get between teeth as well as flossing daily too. When you book in for a check up we would also advise pairing this with a trip to the hygienist for an extra good deep clean. It’s really very simple; if your implants in Herefordshire are well looked after they will last much longer so it’s worth investing in the care of them.

One the day – Practical bits

Will you need time off work? It’s unlikely you would need to take more than a day off work but you may want to plan well for precaution – there are no guarantees you won’t be in pain. So maybe try and come for a Friday appointment or a Thursday so you’ve got a few days recovery.

Should I bring someone with me? We recommend having someone to bring you and take you from the appointment. In general we will only use a local anesthetic, but sometimes we may use sedation. Plus if you are feeling anxious prior to the appointment it’s best you don’t drive.

Will I need pain relief? You may not need any but we recommend having something appropriate to take just in case you can speak to the dentist about what would be best.

Aftercare – Practical bits

Will my mouth bleed? Some minor bleeding after the procedure is totally normal. Your dentist will guide you through all of this and it’s nothing to worry about.

How can I heal quicker? Well, everybody is different so there’s no hard and fast rule but avoid rinsing your mouth and disturbing the area with your tongue, finger etc. Don’t spit, suck on straws or smoke, as all of these can slow healing.

Should I be resting? We would say the sensible thing to do would be to have at least an afternoon on the sofa. Avoid large amounts of physical exertion as this could encourage bleeding.

If you have more unanswered questions feel free to contact us with any queries.