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More than 50% of the UK adult population suffer because of snoring.

What causes snoring?

Snoring results from the partial closure of your airway during sleep.

When you sleep the muscles in your neck relax and, under certain conditions, the soft tissue in the upper part of your throat vibrates and makes you snore.

The solution

Our solution for snoring is the Sleepwell® appliance that is custom made with well researched clinical data. (Click here for more information)

In scientific trials the appliance was acceptable to 99% of patients. Sleepwell® has been designed for maximum patient comfort and is placed in the mouth before going to bed. Whilst sleeping Sleepwell® holds the lower jaw forward by as little as 2-3mm. This alleviates the pressure at the back of the throat eliminating or reducing snoring giving you and your partner a better nights sleep!

Your dentist will discuss your suitability for this treatment and complete the Solutions4Snoring patient pre-screening questionnaire. Following diagnosis impressions of your mouth will be taken and a Sleepwell® appliance will be custom made to accurately fit your mouth.

You should need only 2
appointments to cure your snoring!


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