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Love Your Smile

How good is your smile?

Before your initial visit, ask yourself these questions so you can be sure to get the most from your consultation. We will offer you professional advice and solutions but first you must identify the areas that concern you.

  • Are you too embarrassed to smile?
  • Does this affect your confidence?
  • What do you not like about your smile?
  • How would you like to change your smile?

What makes a great smile?

A great smile automatically lifts a person’s confidence and makes them feel more attractive. Ultimately it is the one that is right for you, whether it is a white Hollywood smile or a more natural look, whichever you decide it is all about symmetry. We listen to your needs and concerns.

Symmetry around the centreline of our face is of great importance for an aesthetically pleasing smile.  Even when this is not 100% possible, the illusion of symmetry should be created.  The front two upper central incisors would be symmetrical in size, length and shape.

Horizontal Alignment
Ideally the smile line should be aligned so it is parallel to the horizontal.

Smile Line
The edges of your upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip when you smile.

Golden Proportions
The golden rule of proportion describes an ideal ration of the visible widths of the front six teeth.

Tooth Proportions
These are the guidelines for the ideal proportions of each tooth to achieve a beautiful smile.  100% height and 75% in width.

Embrasures are the small triangular spaces between the tips of the teeth.  These are artistically created by the ceramist and dentist to ensure a natural look.

Lips are to teeth as a frame is to a picture!
The shape, fullness and symmetry of your lips can be optimised for the ideal smile.

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