Is needing dental implants in Hertfordshire standing in the way of your success?

Be the change you want to see


At Warrendale Dental, nothing makes our committed team of expert practitioners and professionals happier than seeing the success of their work pay off in the improvement and elevation in the self-esteem and inner confidence of the patients they serve. We recognise the increase in social pressure which may cause a number of new patients to seek out cosmetic dentistry options, and we are fully dedicated to ensuring that every unique smile we treat leaves our practice looking its absolute best.

One of the most effective and positively impactful treatments which we regularly provide here at Warrendale Dental, is dental implants in Hertfordshire. We are happy to see a rise in interest around dental implant treatment as more and more people of all ages are taking it upon themselves to make a lasting, positive change to their dental wellbeing.

Why seek out dental implants?

Many people who have lost teeth, do not immediately seek out dental implants, but rather settle for more common treatments such as dental crowns and bridges, or do not seek treatment at all. Most people who receive dentures or dental bridges often find them to be largely uncomfortable and that they can impact the person’s ability to properly chew tougher foods. The primary reason for this is that treatments of this sort address the issue of a lost tooth on a purely cosmetic basis, by sitting on the patient’s gumline.

Dental implants in Hertfordshire tackle the issue of a missing tooth at (quite literally) its root. This is done through the insulation of a titanium-alloy false tooth-root, directly within the bone tissue of the patient. Although crowns and dentures can be uncomfortable, restraining from receiving any treatment at all from a missing tooth can have far more dire consequences, and even result in the facial structure of a patient being visibly altered as the diseased bone tissue of the affected tooth or teeth is reabsorbed over time. This is why we urge anybody who has lost a tooth – however long ago – to consider speaking to one of our professionals here at Warrendale Dental about dental implants in Hertfordshire.

How do I go about receiving treatment?

If you have lost a tooth, or have been suffering from a missing tooth for some time and feel you may wish to get dental implants, then the first stage in the process would be to arrange a consultation with our implant experts here at Warrendale Dental. In doing so, you can effectively begin your journey towards a full set of healthy teeth. At your consultation, one of our expert practitioners will explain the implant process in detail, and ask some simple questions about your dental history. This consultation also allows you to ask us any questions which you may have about the dental implant process, and what you can expect the results to be.

Next, one of our expert practitioners will determine your gum and tooth health – which is of utmost importance as a patient’s gums must be healthy enough to undergo the dental implant process. After this, a titanium-alloy socket will be embedded within the bone tissue of the patient, in between the space where they are missing one or more teeth. This will act as a permanently fused anchor-point onto which a denture is fixed in such a way that it will be as sturdy as a natural tooth ought to be.