In need of dental implants in Herefordshire?

The root of the issue

Dental Implants in HerefordshireLosing one’s teeth can be a cause of great concern for many. Whether it be from an accident, deterioration over time, or just general neglect, it is a problem which is faced by countless people all over the country. If a tooth is lost, the detrimental effects can often be far greater than the purely superficial. As a person’s teeth are paramount to the shape and structure of their face, if a tooth or teeth are lost, then bone resorption can often occur, which results in the outward appearance of the patient being greatly negatively affected. This can often result in the patient appearing far older than their years, which can have a domino-effect on their self-esteem and confidence.

Here to help

However, this is not cause for despair. Our trained and professional team of practitioners, here at Warrendale Dental, are well versed in installing dental implants in Herefordshire, and can help restore lost teeth at their root — resulting in the restoration of our patients’ smiles to their former glory. Historically, those who lost a tooth or teeth would generally have to opt for a bridge or crown, to act as a purely prosthetic solution to a structural problem, which would only provide temporary relief and often lead to further detrimental damage to surrounding teeth arising as a result. Today however, science and innovation within the field of cosmetic dentistry has come on leaps and bounds, and our qualified professionals here at Warrendale are able to install dental implants in Herefordshire that will last a lifetime. By utilising some of the most innovative and emerging techniques, implant treatment is now at its zenith, and more and more patients are permanently restoring and returning their smiles to their former glory.

Filling in the space

The process of receiving dental implants in Herefordshire, initially begins with a friendly, no-obligation consultation between the patient and whichever of our highly professional dentists with whom they feel the most comfortable with. This consultation is carried out to establish the extent of treatment that is necessary, and allow the patient to familiarise themselves with the basis of the procedure. Thereafter, once they feel ready, the procedure can begin. First, a small hole is drilled into the gap within the patient’s mouth in the space where their missing tooth or teeth would be. Thereafter, a titanium socket is inserted into the hole and left to heal. Titanium is utilised due to its unique ability to fuse with human bone tissue. After the socket has been given time to fuse itself within the patient’s jaw, a prosthetic tooth, constructed from either porcelain or plastic, is then fitted firmly in place and thus the gap is bridged with a sturdy, good-as-new tooth. Treatment of this sort can have a massively beneficial and positive effect on the self esteem and confidence of those who seek it, as it affords them the ability to once more smile to their fullest potential without having to be embarrassed by exposing any large or unsightly gaps within their mouths.