How You Snore Reveals Why You Snore

Just about everyone snores occasionally. This problem happens when air cannot move freely through the throat and nose during sleep. All of this, however, can be an inconvenience on a personal level or if you share the bed with someone every night.

Warrendale Dental Caresnoring provides clients with snoring problems a treatment that helps. If you or your loved one is suffering through the inconveniences of snoring, we want to help you understand the predicament of snoring better.

How You Snore

When you snore, you can’t breathe properly during sleep. Air cannot move freely and the surrounding tissues vibrate, producing the familiar snoring sound. People who snore often have too much throat and nasal tissue, which is more prone to vibration.

There are different types of snoring and each type reveals the reason why you snore. Some people are closed-mouthed snorers while some snore with their mouths wide open. There are also snoring types who do so only when sleeping on their back, while some snore regardless of their sleeping position.

Why You Snore

Common causes of snoring include weight, age, built, and nasal or sinus problems. Other factors that may lead to the habit include alcohol, smoking and medication. Some studies suggest sleep posture could also potentially lead to snoring.

Snoring positions also point out the cause of your snoring. Snoring with the mouth closed indicates a problem with the tongue, while open-mouth snoring relates to the tissues in your throat. Snoring in all sleep positions can mean your predicament is severe and requires comprehensive treatment.

The Solution

Warrendale Dental Care provides patients with snoring problems a solution with a 99% success rate, the Sleepwell® appliance. This appliance has been designed for maximum patient comfort and is placed in the mouth before going to bed.

This alleviates the pressure at the back of the throat, eliminating or reducing snoring effectively. Patients with snoring problems can schedule an appointment with our friendly dentists to discuss treatment suitability.

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