How are you going to fill the gap?

It’s finally happened, you are starting to lose some teeth. It’s another watershed in life and one that requires some serious decision making. Just as, many years ago, you had to decide what subjects to study at school and whether or not to go to university or pursue a trade, you now have important options to choose between. And what you decide will affect the rest of your life.

Dental Implants HerefordshireChoosing replacement teeth should not be based on cost alone. You also need to think about the efficacy of the replacement teeth you are choosing, and how long they will last. Here at Warrendale Dental, we find that more and more of our patients are going for the apparently most expensive option, that of dental implants in Herefordshire.

Why do people choose dental implants in Herefordshire?

Dental implants have some serious advantages over the more old-fashioned methods of tooth replacement, namely dentures or fixed bridgework.

Dental implants are the only method that replaces the tooth root. Dentures rely on a plate if they are partial dentures, or adherence to the gums if they are replacing an entire arch of teeth.

Roots give stability

Having a root in the jawbone is what gives teeth their stability. Dental implants give full chewing power. This means that you can eat whatever you want, steaks, crunchy apples, you name it. With dentures, you only get about a quarter of your original chewing power. You’ll be having to cut up foods rather than bite into them, or eat a soft food diet. With fixed bridgework, you will have to sacrifice your neighbouring healthy teeth to become buttresses for the bridgework. In these modern times, many people would rather hang onto their teeth than have them ground down and covered with buttress crowns.

Roots protect the jawbone

With Herefordshire dental implants in your jawbone, the bone receives the stimulation it needs to be renewing its cells. Without roots, it quickly loses size and density and as it shrinks, the face starts to collapse in on itself.

Dental implants also tend to last longer than the alternatives. Plenty of reasons why plenty of people choose dental implants in Herefordshire. Will you be one of them?