Dentures compared with dental implants in Herefordshire


Here at Warrendale Dental, we work with all our patients to offer them the best possible treatment options for improving their smile. One of those options is dental implants in Herefordshire. This treatment is designed to address the issue of tooth loss and is an alternative to having dentures fitted. This is an explanation of what implants are, and a comparison with dentures that explores the benefits that can be enjoyed by the patient.

What are implants?

Dental implants in Herefordshire are an increasingly popular means of replacing missing teeth. They act as a substitute for the roots of the original teeth and provide a base for artificial teeth. Implants are made from titanium, a material which fuses with the jawbone, and which has been found to be very compatible with human tissues. It is safe and reliable and delivers great results.

What are dentures?

Dentures are also used as a substitute for teeth that have been lost. They are created to fit the individual patient and are placed on top of the gums. This treatment is probably the most widely known way to correct tooth loss and has been around for decades.


When a person with dentures is engaged in talking or laughing, they may be concerned about movement. This is because they are not fixed permanently within the mouth, so can become dislodged or move around. The patient who has opted to have their teeth replaced using implants has no such anxieties, as they provide a secure base for the artificial teeth that does not change over time.


The patient who wears dentures often has to avoid eating foods that are especially hard or chewy, as these can result in the artificial teeth moving from their desired position. This can affect their enjoyment of eating in general, which has an impact on a person’s quality of life. New teeth that are supported by implants allow the patient to eat whatever they like, safe in the knowledge that they will remain unmovable.

Dental appointments

The patient who wears dentures needs to see the dentist regularly to ensure that they fit correctly and to have them replaced at regular intervals. This is because the missing roots of the teeth have not been replaced and the gums shrink to accommodate the gaps left behind. This means that they change and the dentures that are fitted at the beginning of treatment will no longer be suitable.

Having had dental implants and artificial teeth attached to them, the patient needs no more adjustments once the treatment is complete. It is simply a case of attending for regular check-ups, just as they did before. Implants last for many years, often a lifetime, provided the patient takes good care of their teeth with daily brushing and flossing.

Facial structure

Because the gums change to accommodate the loss of the roots of the teeth, the patient who wears dentures may see some decline in the structure of their face. They can develop a shrunken appearance which can be ageing. Dental implants help the patient to retain their youthful appearance as the gum tissue is supported by the replacement roots.