Why should I consider dental implants?

You must replace the teeth you lose. Apart from changing your appearance, absent pearly whites can negatively affect your oral health.


Fortunately, there are several tooth replacement solutions from which you can choose. That being said, our clinic, Warrendale Dental, boasts several success stories about dental implants in Herefordshire.

Read on to find out why tooth implants are the better choice over dentures and other appliances.

Implants are almost as good as real teeth

Not only does the device look like a natural pearly white, but it functions like one too because from the root to the crown, the entire tooth is restored.

Replacing the whole tooth and not just the parts that are visible is vital due to the following. An artificial root plays the identical role of a real one; when you bite down, you stimulate your jaw. When the jaw is understimulated, the bone underneath your missing teeth starts to collapse, resulting in bone resorption and further teeth loss. After prolonged use, denture-wearers tend to have hollow cheeks and sunken skin because these parts aren’t exercised from the root. 

The crown component of your new teeth might improve your smile, but it has a dual functionality that helps you to eat and chew your food without difficulty.

A secure foundation

Dental implants in Herefordshire are securely fastened into your jawbone and can be easily removed, unless by a professional using tools, nor dislodged.

You can perform your daily activities, knowing you won’t be inconvenienced by an unpredictable device that moves around in your mouth, such as dentures.

Dentures tend to slip or fall out of place at inopportune moments, when you eat, sleep, laugh or cough, which can be highly frustrating and embarrassing if this occurs in front of other people.

At the same time, while dental implants in Herefordshire feel natural, dentures are often described as cumbersome by their wearers. Even with metal clasps attached to them, dentures can be uncomfortable for some people.

Long-lasting, cost-effective and high success rates

Implants might cost more than dentures, but in the long run, their benefits justify the higher price point. They can also last much longer, depending on how well you take care of them. So long as you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid tobacco products, implants can last from 25 years up to a lifetime because they’re resistant to decay. The same can’t be said for alternative solutions, which have an average lifespan of seven to ten years.

Tooth implants also have higher success rates where, if you’re reasonably healthy, the chance of the implant being rejected are low.

Easier to clean

Dentures require specialised cleaning solutions, while implants can be treated like a regular tooth. While you don’t have to incorporate new steps into your cleaning regime, you must take care of your teeth by optimising your oral hygiene.

While the implant isn’t susceptible to cavities, the surrounding gums can contract nasty infections, such as gingivitis, so it’s important that you don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth.