Why dental implants are an excellent choice


Here at Warrendale Dental, we offer tailored advice to each one of our patients on the right choice of treatment, whatever their requirements. We often see people who are suffering from the effects of tooth loss. Whether they have one or several teeth missing, they can find that their confidence regarding how they look is significantly affected.

We work with our patients to restore that confidence so that they can get on with leading happy and fulfilled lives. One of the easiest ways we can do that is by using dental implants Herefordshire. Here, we explain what they are and why implants can be an excellent choice for many.

What are dental implants Herefordshire?

Dental implants Herefordshire are made from titanium and are used as a substitute for the roots of the teeth. They are secured into the gum of the patient during a surgical procedure.  After a period of healing, the implants are fitted with abutments which provide a base for the artificial tooth to be fitted. Titanium is chosen as a material for the implants, because it behaves just like the natural tooth root and allows the patient to have artificial teeth that look and feel as close to their original teeth as possible.

Naturally compatible

Titanium is naturally compatible with human tissue. In the case of implants, it is easily integrated with the jawbone. Over time, the implant becomes a fused part of the jawbone: the two are physically bound on a permanent basis. The result of this for our patients is that the base for the new tooth is completely stable. This means that it will not move around or change position and can be relied upon as much as the original tooth.

Robust in the face of temperature changes

When other metals are used for dental implants, they can be susceptible to widening or contracting when subjected to extremes in temperature. This can cause pain or discomfort.  Titanium implants do not carry the same risk of this issue and can be relied on to remain stable even during very cold or hot spells. This is reassuring for our patients.

Can be treated like natural teeth

People who have their missing teeth replaced using other methods such as dentures often worry about the teeth moving around or coming out due to eating certain foodstuffs or even laughing. This is because there is no fixed base for the teeth, and any aggravation carries with it a risk of them becoming dislodged. In some cases, even talking can be problematic.  This can result in a patient losing confidence when it comes to mixing with others, and even becoming withdrawn if this continues over time.

Titanium implants can be treated just like the original teeth. The patient can eat whatever they like and can feel relaxed and carefree when it comes to talking, laughing and mixing with others. The patient who opts for resolving their missing teeth with implant treatment is making an excellent choice that allows them to continue with life as normal, without having to be self-conscious or worry about potentially embarrassing situations. Speak to us about implants and we can help you to decide if they would be viable for you.