What are dental implants in Herefordshire?

Dental implants are deemed within the walls of our practice (and within the contemporary field of restorative dental care) as the best possible form of tooth replacement for patients who are experiencing the absence of one, several, or even a whole row of missing teeth within the mouth. Despite their undeniable popularity however, many individuals may feel unsure regarding what to expect from their dental implants Herefordshire.dental-implants-herefordshire

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Many individuals may find the modern world of dental care difficult to navigate (especially for patients who require substantial dental work such as dental implants Herefordshire), with this difficulty in mind therefore our team strives to make the treatment process as simple as possible for our patients. If you are a patient who has lost teeth from within the mouth (this may be due to an accident, or possibly gum disease or oral infection) but are unsure of the solution to your absent smile, then why not get in touch with a dental specialist at our Warrendale Dental clinic?

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Located on our easy-to-access modern dental website we not only provide our patients with our direct contact details (such as our telephone number and email address) however we also offer our patients a feedback and complaints form, which allows us to receive feedback and information regarding their dental experience within the walls of our practice, therefore ensuring our services are constantly improving.

How do dental implants Herefordshire work to restore the function of your smile?

Dental implants have three vital aspects, all of which work in coalition in order to restore not only the physical appearance of your smile, but the function of your teeth too. The dental implant itself is a titanium screw (typically less than just one centimetre long) which is inserted within the gum in order to act as a replica tooth root within the mouth. The metal screw not only acts as a stabilising base for the patient, however it is also used as a base for both the abutment (also frequently referred to within the field of dental care as the ‘connector’) in addition to the porcelain crown.

Ensuring our patients achieve their desired smile within the walls of our clinic

Within the field of restorative dental care it is deemed common knowledge that the absence of teeth in the mouth can not only encourage discomfort (or possibly even pain) when attempting to eat, drink, or even clean the mouth properly, however it can also cause a depletion of self-esteem too. Low self-confidence can unfortunately be triggered by a possible speech impairment (commonly referred to as a ‘lisp’) that some patients with missing teeth can experience. In addition to a speech impairment however, missing teeth can also encourage functional concerns too, one example of which being the movement of other teeth into the space that is left.

So what are the disadvantages of missing teeth within the mouth?

In addition to feeling insecure, many patients may also experience more severe concerns when suffering from the absence of one, several, or even a whole arch of missing teeth within the mouth. Unfortunately, an exposed gum can act as a possible breeding ground for oral bacteria; this bacteria can then progress into the development of oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example) which can lead to problems for the individual.