Oral Cancer: Recognising a Potential Killer

Cancer is very much like every serial killer there has ever been. It just sneaks up on you without any pretence and ruins your life. Jaundiced as it is, would you describe cancer as any less as a disease on human life? Any form of it has the potential to spread all over your body like water, albeit more destructive and filled with cell-killing particles.

oral cancerIt even occurs in a place you would normally think is safe from anything other than bleeding. Your mouth, yes, is at risk of developing cancer. It is not as common among young people, but they are likely to consume copious amounts of alcohol and tobacco. Those two, more than age and sun exposure, accelerate oral cancer’s growth.

As for the sun aspect, your lips’ overexposure to UV rays increases the risk of developing mouth malignancy. If you are planning your holiday in sunny Spain, do not ever forget to put some sunblock lotion on your lips.

Oral Origins

Symptoms of mouth cancer are very subtle, if not invisible to the naked eye. For that reason, it is important to recognise the signs and the dangers of letting those indications linger. Many of the signs are not what you will notice on a normal day, but it will help if you know what you are looking for.

  • Fresh, Non-Healing Wounds – sores, blisters and bleeding should heal or at least not be painful anymore in a matter of days. If it does not mend after a few days, consider procuring drugs for it. It is a bad sign if the wound still does not heal by then.
  • Struggle in Swallowing – When there is pain when you swallow, you should take it to the doctor. Whether it is in your throat, mouth or tongue, eating should not be a difficulty.
  • Lumps and Discoloured Patches – your mouth only has room for the necessities. So, when you see suspicious lumps and white spots, it should raise the cancer alert.

It would not hurt getting a screening from your dentist. Visit Warrendale Dental Care at Chase Road in Ross-on-Wye to get your evaluation.

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