Dental Implants: A Long Lasting Solution to Replace Missing Teeth

Most people are often content with temporary replacements when they lose a tooth or two. While it does help give a semblance of your old smile and regain a facsimile of its natural function, it does not stop what is happening inside your jawbone.

dental implantsIt is a little known fact that the instant you lose a tooth or an entire set, your body undergoes a process called resorption. When this happens, the body starts reabsorbing the tooth bone where your teeth used to be.

Dental implants are a more permanent solution to replace your missing teeth. Since the implants are placed deep within the jawbone, the resorption process is slowed. Apart from preventing bone loss and face sagging, you also keep your remaining teeth in their proper alignment.

Natural Look and Functions

Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting dental implants is that they are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. In fact, they even surpass your teeth in terms of strength and durability, although you still need to brush them to keep your gums healthy and free of plaque and tartar.

Unlike temporary replacement teeth, dental implants also allow you to retain your mouth’s natural functions. Eating and chewing can be troublesome when you have temporary replacements, as you need to take them out of your mouth to avoid breaking or swallowing them accidentally.

Since the implants fit right into your jawbone, they essentially operate the same way as your natural teeth and you will have an easier time chewing tougher foodstuffs.

Speak Clearly

Another benefit you will get from dental implants is the ability to speak clearly. You may not notice it, but people with dentures or removable teeth often have a difficult time pronouncing certain words – particularly if it takes up a considerable portion of their mouth. You will not encounter this problem when you get implants since they function just like natural teeth.

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