Could dental implants in Herefordshire help you reach your true potential?

The power behind a smiledental-implants-herefordshire

At Warrendale Dental, we firmly and truly feel that our smiles are the most powerful and useful social assets that each of us own. As such, we have made the preservation and restoration of our patients’ smiles our highest priority to ensure that they can reach the heights of success and happiness that we believe they deserve. Often life can be a struggle for those who have visibly missing teeth. With the obvious social disadvantages put to one side for a minute – which can be damaging to a person’s social standing and job opportunities – those who suffer from missing teeth are also at a greater risk of gum problems and further dental suffering, should they not get the space permanently filled through dental implants in Herefordshire. By seeking out those permanent treatments however, we can fully restore a patient’s smile at both a structural and aesthetic level and leave them with a full, bright smile and all the physical attributes they need for an even brighter future.

Why are dental implants in Herefordshire the best option?

Whilst people who are missing visible teeth may be somewhat more inclined to opt to have the space filled by more commonplace and cheaper treatments such as dental bridges and crowns, they may be unaware of just how these treatments are fundamentally different from dental implants in Herefordshire. Dental bridges and dentures fill in spaces left by lost teeth by sitting on the gumline of the patient. As such, they are often uncomfortable and require the patient to make several return visits to their dental practitioner to monitor the progress of their treatment. Additionally to this, treatments of this sort do not fully restore functionality to the lost tooth, as patients often find it difficult to chew tougher foods. Dental implants however are not a superficial solution to lost teeth, but rather a replacement tooth which is attached in a way which is almost identical to how a natural tooth operates. As such, dental implants are the best way to permanently restore a lost tooth in such a way that the patient can enjoy all the luxuries of having a whole set of natural teeth on a more or less permanent basis which could last them a lifetime if properly maintained.

What does the dental implant procedure involve?

The dental implant procedure, as we carry it out today at Warrendale Dental, is the result of almost 100 years of refinement and evolution. It is truly a testimony to modern innovation and the fields of dental science and engineering. Those who undergo dental implant treatment – after extensive consultations and conversations with one of our implant experts here at Warrendale Dental – must undergo a brief but permanent dental operation. This involves a hole being made surgically within the gap where the implant will be inserted, which can be used to secure more than one tooth. Into this hole, a titanium-alloy socket is embedded, and left to heal. Titanium is especially selected due to its unique biocompatibility qualities, and, after a short healing period, will eventually merge itself with the patient’s bone tissue in their jaw until they are permanently fused. This means that the socket can be used as a permanently fixed anchor-point to which a crown or denture can be attached. This denture will then function and feel almost identical to a natural tooth, and keep the patient’s mouth full and healthy for decades to come.